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His answer was the policeman.   And from that
he went on to the question of what was needed
for states and nations to go their ways with the
same blissful immunity from violence and plun-
der, and it seemed to him a complete and reason-
able answer to say " an international policeman ".
And there you were !   He did not see, he is
probably quite incapable of seeing, that a state
is something quite different in its nature and
behaviour   from   an  individual   human   being.
When he was asked to explain how that inter-
national   policeman   was   to   be   created   and
sustained, he just went on saying cc international
policeman ".    He has been saying it for years.
Sometimes it seems it is to be the League of
Nations, sometimes the British Empire, sometimes
an international Air Force, which is to undertake
this   grave   responsibility.     The   bench   before
which the policeman is to hale the offender and
the position of the lock-up are not indicated.
Finding our criticisms uncongenial, his lordship
went off with his great idea, like a penguin which
has found an egg, to incubate it alone.   I hope
he will be spared to say " international police-
man " for many years to come, but I do not
believe he has ever perceived or ever will perceive
that, brilliant as his one inspiration was, it still
left   vast   areas   of the   problem   in   darkness.